Our Mission

PN seeks to inspire personal virtue and good character by helping advance human rights and freedoms.


What we do

PN, LLC (“PN,” “PNDOTCOM,” and “PN.COM”) offers a variety of goods and services.

By way of example…

We serve security, privacy, and technology news as well as other topical stories of interest to the public that the mainstream media (MSM) often ignores;

We offer hardware and software tools as well as related technologies that enhance content distribution, anonymity, privacy and security for news organizations, their staff and viewers; we also support corporate clients and individuals on a selective basis; and,

We teach classroom- and lab-based courses that educate users on how to properly use the hardware, software and services offered from basic proficiency to expert use.

Core values

PN stands for defending the traditional core, time-tested American principles which encompass individual responsibility, the rule of law and economic liberty. We adhere to the values of America’s founding, including those views expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. We value our freedom of speech and freedom of the press guaranteed to us by the First Amendment, as we report on the day’s issues, and, provide the other goods and services described above.