copperhead os

A security and privacy focused mobile operating system compatible with Android apps

Protection from zero-days

Prevents many vulnerabilities and makes exploits harder

Hardened C standard library and compiler toolchain

Catches memory corruption and integer overflows

Hardened kernel

Kernel self-protection and high quality ASLR

Stronger sandboxing and isolation for apps & services

Stricter SELinux policies, seccomp-bpf and more

Backported security features and quicker patching

Benefiting from upstream changes long before stockControl access to the network, data and sensors like the camera and microphone

Firewall & network hardening

Along with improvements like MAC randomization

Open-source and free of proprietary services

Uses alternatives to Google apps/services like F-Droid

Security-centric user experience changes

Better defaults, finer-grained permission control

Copperhead OS Announcements & Press Coverage

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