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Kanguru FlashTrust™ Secure Firmware USB Flash Drive

The Kanguru FlashTrustUSB3.0 flash drive with physical write protect switch is the world’s first unencrypted, USB 3.0 flash drive with onboard, secure firmware to protect against the potential risk of malicious firmware-based attacks. With its RSA-2048 bit, digitally signed and secured firmware, the Kanguru FlashTrust offers consumers and organizations the same level of trusted secure firmware protection typically reserved for encrypted, high-end flash drives to unencrypted USB device users.

Digitally Signed Trusted Secure Firmware
(RSA-2048 Bit)

SuperSpeed USB3.0 (Maintains Compatibility with USB2.0)

Physical Write-Protect Switch

Windows “Ready Boost” Compatible

High-Strength Aluminum Design

Custom Engraving Available

In August of 2014, security researchers revealed a potential threat to USB technology known as “badUSB” at a Black Hat event, arguing that any USB device including a webcam, a computer mouse, a keyboard or a flash drive from an untrusted source could potentially be tampered and manipulated by a savvy hacker that could then be used to deliver harmful malware to a computer network. Although it would be a very difficult thing to do, organizations might choose to be proactive in implementing solutions that will help alleviate this potential threat. The new Kanguru FlashTrust Secure Firmware flash drive is designed for those customers and organizations that, while still concerned about security and physical quality, may not require the specific usage scenarios or additional costs of hardware encrypted solutions.

USB Charging Station protection - portapow

This allows you to charge safely from any USB socket with no risk of data transfer to/from your device. Simply plug your charging cable into one end, and the other end into a USB socket/charger. It works on the same principle as our best selling Data Block Cables, but this handy little adaptor allows you to use any good quality cable. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, bluetooth headphones, and 1000s of other devices.

3rd Gen Data Blocker Image with Laptop

Blocks Data Transfer – your device will not go into ‘data transfer’ mode if connected to a computer, so you can use a computer just like a mains charger. This also prevents data hacking and any risk of viruses being loaded onto your device when charging from an unknown/public USB socket, known as Juice Jacking. It also prevents unwanted syncing/popups, eg when charging from a car’s USB socket.

Allows Charging – Many office PCs have their USB sockets disabled for security. This allows charging from those USB sockets without breaking policy. Devices such as some Blackberry smartphones, and the Sony PS Vita will not work at all from many USB chargers, this enables charging.

SmartCharge – Built in chip detects the type of device which is connected and swaps between Apple, Universal and Samsung charging specifications. This prevents the blocker from slowing down charging and can increase charging speed if your charger is sending the wrong signal, eg charging an iPad from a ‘universal’ wall adaptor.

Compact Design – The Data Blocker is barely larger than a normal USB-A connector, so won’t block neighbouring USB sockets.

CE Certified – Meets EU standards for safety, radiation and materials.

Limitations – This adaptor is not compatible with extra fast charging technologies such as ‘Qualcomm Quick Charge’ ‘Samsung adaptive fast charge’ as these require data transfer to be enabled. Your device will still power up at a high speed without these. Some satnavs/dashcams use a proprietary signal and will still try to enter sync mode unless their own charger is used. Some car USB sockets do not provide enough power to charge a device, so a dedicated USB car charger must be used.

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